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Emmanuel Church Woodley

Children start off in the main hall with the adults for the 10:30 service they will then then go out to their groups.

There is no need to book each week but please register your child HERE. Children need to be re-registered every September.
Please also use this link to tell us about any changes to the information occurring during the year.

Generally, the first Sunday of each month is an All Age service where the children will stay in the main hall with their families.


Sparklers is for children from their second birthday up to age 5. There will be activities suitable for their age, a healthy snack and Bible story.



Lightning is for children in years 1 to 6 and meet in our new hall. There will be a mixture of activities, worship, Bible teaching and games plus a snack.

Our children’s psalm

God is amazing, he’s really kind.
He made the sun, the sky and your mind. 
The flowers you made them so beautiful God! 
You are like an artist; the best in the world.
Wow! Just wow! You really have ideas. 
The duckbilled platypus- what a sense of humour.
You made us humans. 
Legs for running, legs for climbing and trees for hiding. 
Your strength and power are absolutely incredible. 
Just a week to build the earth? 
I love everything you made God. 
You made everything so beautiful.

Written by our children May 2021.