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Emmanuel Church Woodley

Our vision is to equip young people in their walk of faith, no matter where they are on their journey. We are focused on creating spaces for young people to relax, talk, have fun, and learn more about God. Our youth programme offers a variety of support and activities for young people.


There are two discipleship groups that meet on Sunday. These focus on developing young people’s faith. They include time to chat, read the Bible, and pray together.

Synergy: Held on a Sunday morning during the church service. For school years 6–9.

Third: Held on a Sunday evening from 7.00–8.30 p.m. For school years 10–13,

To sign up for these groups, please click HERE.


At Emmanuel, we offer 1-1 mentoring, pairing young people with caring mentors from our congregation to create space for them to talk and be heard. Our goal is to offer young people a supportive environment where they can feel encouraged and have the chance to nurture their spiritual growth in a relaxed and informal setting. If you or your child are age 11-18 and believe could benefit from mentoring, please don’t hesitate to reach out

While mentoring plays a valuable role, it’s essential to understand that it’s not a replacement for professional assistance like therapy or counseling. Should you/your child require such support, please seek help from qualified professionals elsewhere

If you are interested in joining our youth community, or would like to hear the latest information, please get in touch with Rev Claire Jones [email protected]